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Friday, January 13, 2017

OCD Performance art/Theater, DMX and effects Project Documentation.

It was a great pleasure to be part of a performance/Theater project that took place in Bern last December.  More:

The Egyptian/Swiss performance director Omar Ghayatt (Studio Moroni) approached me with an interesting task; to build a machine that interacts with the solo performer to control light and sound.
I hope that the following sequence of photos, descriptions and video can give a glimpse of the project.

The machine/Generator consists of a pulley system ( 2 pulleys, 30cm & 14cm in diameter) made out of wood.

A single optical encoder to register number of rotations in a forward direction and then send it to the microcontroller.
Nails have been positioned on the inner circumference of the smaller pulley. These nails cross the optical encoder to trigger an interrupt.

A DMX Controller built around Arduino Nano and SN75176 differential bus transceiver .

A program embedded on the microcontroller translates the signal from the optical encoder to DMX and also to a tuned PWM signal to control the Audio cassette player .

The effect of this translation is a fine tuned dimming of the light spot and an audio effect similar to tape recorders slowly running out juce.