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Friday, April 15, 2016

Tinman: voice activated bluetooth robot!

Built-in functionalities: 
- Bluetooth Speaker - Mod. Light - Mobile Phone charger  -Temperature sensor - Voice activated interface 

  The build is composed of the following parts: 
- Arduino nano 
- Emic 2 Text-to-Speech module 
- Voice Recognition module V2 
- Bluetooth Audio receiver + 2W Audio Amp. 
- 2x 8 ohm speakers
- 1x 4 ohm speaker
- 3,7V, 300mah lipo 
- 12V,1800mAh LI-ion Battery Pack 
- DC step down converter based on LM2596
- Inline relay for remote PWR and a toggle switch

Watch the first video ... Tinman in the club!