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Monday, August 20, 2012

Step-Down switching voltage regulator - LM2576HV (5V, 3A)

The LM2576HV - 0.5 is a 5V switching regulator capable of delivering 3A. 
It requires a DC input voltage between 7 and 60V to deliver a fixed 5V on the output.
In my setup (12V input) i tested it with 1.5 Ohm load and found the input current to be 1.8A and the output current 2.6A. I found it interesting because it can be used as an Efficient pre-regulator for linear regulators!

I also tried to configure it as adjustable voltage regulator (5 to 11.44 V) using the same 12V on the input but im not sure if its safe to use it this way because there is a different dedicated version of the LM2576  for use as an adjustable switching regulator.

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