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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flyback converter (12v to 60v - No Load) and ≈5.5A (max)

I tried to build a flyback converter (or what i think should be called a Flyback converter) using the KHB4D5N60F MOSFET but had a problem with current draw! So i decided to use a Power Transistor E13009 then it worked fine. I used the 74HC14 PWM circuit (previous post) to switch the transistor. The converter has a couple of flaws (the 12V input comes from a 90W power Supply),  .. one of them is the heat dissipation!! Although it can deliver allot of power it heats up fast (BBJ vs MOSFET stuff ... mmmm ) 

Input: 12V, Output: ~60V without load. About 5.5 Amps with 24V DC Motor
Transistor: E13009, Diode: UF3003, Transformer from an old SMPS ,PWM with 74HC14

Important notice: Circuit is not efficient and it was built for experimental reasons only.

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