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Sunday, July 1, 2012

12V to 70V DC to DC converter (Boost converter)

This is my first boost converter (12v to ~70v)  
using A MOSFET (KHB4D5N60F), self-built coil, a fast Diode (B10A45VI - by the way its the wrong diode, click here to see why) and a 47uF/400v capacitor 
Switching Freq. is about 50KHz, 50% DUT

In video: I used a small NPN transistor to switch the MOSFET because the pulse from my handy function generator did not provide enough current to do so.
Loads: 24V DC motor and 12V (20W) Halogen bulb! connected once in series and then in parallel. The converter can handle about 4A current

Schematic using iCircuit  - This circuit is experimental  only and not suitable for application-

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