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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Temperature monitor and remote control (Server)!

ENC28J60 Ethernet module (3V3 and 250 mA), Arduino MINI, Nokia 5510 Display, Dalas DS19B2 Temperature sensor (connect a pull-up resistor between pin2 (DQ) and pin3(VDD)), LM317L Voltage regulator to obtain 3V3 for the Ethernet module. Note that the ENC28J60 is 5V tolerant but i prefere to go by the book and not destroy it. The LM317L is able to give max of 300mA. (Arduino MINI does not have a 3V3 PIN but UNO and other boards do)

You can easily Download the Arduino Sketch (Temp_CTRL.pde) 
The sketch is based on the examples provided with etherShield and OneWire libraries, 
so feel free to modify the code and post results.

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