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Monday, January 16, 2012

Arduino-based CO Gas Sensor + Processing Graph !

 Designed to measure CO levels over time and also sound an alarm if needed!
There are four types of sensors available and they vary in cost, accuracy and speed of response:
 Electrochemical, Semiconductor, Digital and Portable

Thin wires of the semiconductor tin dioxide on an insulating ceramic base provide a sensor monitored by an integrated circuit. This sensing element needs to be heated to approximately 400 deg C in order to operate. Oxygen increases resistance of the tin dioxide, but carbon monoxide reduces resistance therefore by measurement of the resistance of the sensing element means a monitor can be made to trigger an alarm. The power demands of this sensor means that these devices can only be mains powered although a pulsed sensor is now available that has a limited lifetime (months) as a battery powered detector. Device usually lasts on the average of 5–10 years.